Magnus Eugenson
Magnus Eugenson



 The members are:

 Jonas Öijvall, hammond organ.

 Mats Persson, drums

 Andreas Rydman, guitars and steelguitars in all its forms

 Andreas Gidlund, saxophones, flutes and clarinet.

 And myself on the basses.


Just before the summer in 2013 I met my fellow bassplayer Sven Lindvall and told him I was having the summer off.

He told me several times to start a project to keep the creative flowing. Later, when I was enjoying the days off, some melodies started popping up in my head. I remembered his words so I decided to turn the melodies into songs just for the fun of it and after three or four songs I thought

"Hey, why not make an album?"

I asked some of my best friends and favorite musicians if they were interested in recording this and luckily they were!

I also got Sven to record, co-produce and mix the album.

The album, "Magnus Eugenson presents ME5" was recorded during three days in february 2014.


We have all read interviews and articles about how the old cats made all those classic album in the 60's and 70's, how they just got in the studio and played and I've always thought "Man, I would have loved to been around in those days".

Now, when I have my own project, I had the chance and opportunity to record in that way and let the creativity flow the way I want to.

Since I wanted to keep the music fresh and arrangements loose, I only briefly explained my ideas about each song to get everyone to bring their own input and talent to the music


My idea with this album is not to create history or to impress anyone, it is to have a good time playing together with other musicians who have an open mind and open ears. Music is not a competition.

I'd like to thank Sven who told me about Strawberry studio, which turned out to be the perfect place to make this happen.

All songs was recorded live, hardly without any overdubs or editing. What you hear is what we played.

So, I hope you like this album! And if not, blame Sven 'cause he's the one who told me to start my own project in the first place.